Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In the garden

I decided today to clean up the garden and get it ready for winter. The hedge was clipped on the weekend by hubby, so that's done. Thanks hubby!
I trimmed the jasmine over the garage and everywhere else it was growing, clipped dead flowers and stalks, pruned some of the holly bushes, replaced four shrubs that died earlier in the summer, cut back ivy and raked ~ and I planted a daisy. I love daisies and I'm hoping this one lives.
Well, I think that's about all I need to do in the back yard, and now the garden can rest and sleep over the winter. And now I can rest and have a cup of coffee.


Mary said...

Hi Donna, your garden looks beautiful! Mine is kind of weedy at the moment; I'm hoping your post inspires me! LOL

Deb said...

Hello Donna
Your garden is so beautiful - we have the occasional daisy still blooming too :-} Love all your photos.

farmerjulie said...

i love your porch!