Thursday, October 4, 2007

Early morning walk

What an enjoyable walk Otis and Riley and I had early this morning. We found such pretty colorful leaves and nuts and pods to bring back with us. As we walked you could hear the crunching of the acorns, the leaves were dropping at the slightest breeze, and Otis and Riley got a little too excited when Old Mr. Squirrel ran up the tree. It was a beautiful morning, but now it's getting a bit warm outside and this afternoon will feel like summer again.


Mary said...

Oh, what beautiful photos! I have a friend with a Jack Russell Terrier. When we walk together, that little dog is the scourge of every squirrel, chipmunk and bird in the whole park!

La Tea Dah said...

What a beautiful blog! Thank you for posting a comment on Gracious Hospitality. It led me here and what a delightful visit it's been!

I hope you enjoy a lovely day!

Sunnispace said...

Beautiful leaves Mom! How exciting fall is!!

Deb said...

I think some of the most beautiful things I see are first thing in the morning on my walks with my dog Ben. Beautiful photos.