Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A trip to the Vet

Poor Riley has an ear infection and I had to take him to the Vet today. Otis couldn't understand why he wasn't allowed to go along. I have never had these two apart before other then when they went to obedient school and they were just a year old. So Otis gave me that look and cried when we left.

We weren't gone long; Riley was given some ear drops (for 14 days) and then was told to come back for a follow-up visit. When we got home I could hear Otis barking as I was coming in the driveway. Well, Otis was ecstatic to see Riley and after some kisses they went running around the house and Riley seemed to forget he wasn't feeling well.

They are back on the sofa again, the two of them, very happy and shall we say, joined at the hip?!


Anonymous said...

Your dachs are beautiful or should I say handsome! My late daughter had two - an Isabella and a sable - and they are the most precious dogs I've ever seen. Yours rank right up there with them. I know you adore them.
A. Poole

Mom2fur said...

My cats sleep on the backs of chairs like that. It's so funny. I hope that Riley soon feels better!

Sheila said...

Poor Riley, I hope the meds work quickly for him. My cats used to sleep like that on the backs of chairs, I've never seen dogs do it.
How cute..!

Anonymous said...

Our dachshund, Heidi, went through the ear infection thing in the Spring. We had antibiotics and ear wash to apply several times a day. It was like looking after a sick child, which she is!

I'm glad to see the two of them together again. It looks as if they have no cares or worries!

Sunnispace said...

How cute, Mom - those little sweeties! They are joined at the him, aren't they!?!

daisy cottage said...

I hope your little one's ear is feeling much much better today AND this picture of them on the sofa is absolutely ADORABLE! Love it!!! My doxies have always loved laying on top of the sofa too! Oh you caught such a cute moment!


farmerjulie said...

my dogs sleep up there also! and i have quilts to protect the couch. too funny!!