Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Ummmmm, garden fresh tomatoes. I picked these yesterday from the garden. Don't you just love fresh veggies and fruit in the summer? I'm hoping to have a much better vegetable garden next year, this year was my experimental garden, my first vegetable garden. It did great in the spring and early summer, but then things got crowded and eaten by bugs. I've got a lot of research and planning to do for next year's garden.

Here is a picture of the garden in early summer. There are three raised beds and I may have packed them too full. I got lots of lettuce, broccoli, green beans and squash. No brussel sprouts, no zucchini, one cucumber, a few potatoes.

All I have left now are tomatoes, herbs and strawberry plants. I wonder if it's too late to plant pumpkins.

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